yeah bro do it

I totally want to! I have no inspiration to draw for myself lately so I’d rather draw for others. Thinking of character commissions with limited background and busts maybe? 

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If I opened commissions would any of you guys be interested?

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Yaaaaay charms went through! Hopefully there won’t be anything wrong with the files and I’ll get them made up and sent to me soon.

I can’t wait to see what they look like on acrylics. Here’s hoping they don’t turn out too dark.

Friendly Reminder:
The charms I ordered are Deaded Sherlock, Deaded John, and Deaded Duo. If you ordered these charms from me in the past and they’ve since broken to quickly, you must send me an ask on here or e-mail me to get them replaced free of charge. If not, then the batch ordered will go directly into my shop for purchase.

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Yaaaaay I put in for a limited amount of certain keychains today!

I ordered only five of each because WOW acrylic charms are pretty expensive at 2”. In the future I’ll do pre-orders…

ANYWAY, I ordered Deaded John, Deaded Sherlock, Deaded Duo and two surprise ones for a surprise thing I plan to surprise you all with. HAH.

I’m VERY excited.

Again, if you ordered any of the keychains above from me in the past and they’ve since broken, EMAIL ME proof of purchase and I will absolutely send you a new set free of charge. If you bought from me at a convention simply take a photo of the broken charms and I’ll replace them for you.

Any unclaimed charms will go up immediately in my shop for order so I can get things up and running again!

Thank you for being so patient everyone! I know these charms will hold up much better than the ones I made by hand. 

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(Temporary icon change. Carry on.)

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ah nice first anon hate in my inbox already 


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I’m having a real hard go of it lately trying to make artwork so I apologize for the lack of it through the month of August. I’m going to work on some small stuff to get back into the swing of things…

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YAY so I really enjoyed the samples I got from ZapCreatives so I think I’m going to go ahead and order from them!

Right at the moment I have no upcoming conventions to sell at so I’m going to order a limited pack of keychains at a time! I can only order 5 different designs in one go so I think I’m going to order the Belgravia Pack (Sheet!Sherlock, Flustered!John, and Irene), the Deaded Duo, and Not His Devision Greg.

If you ordered them from me in the past and they’ve snapped rather quickly after purchase, please let me know ASAP! Otherwise the unclaimed charms will go up in my shop.

If you haven’t already, please e-mail me and let me know your name, where to ship the replacements to, and if you ordered from me at a convention or at my online store!

The second round of orders will include Mycroft, Deaded John, Deaded Sherlock, and Moriarty. If I can come up with one more design for the second wave of orders, the new character may make a limited appearance in the shop! I’ve talked about making this character next in passing so I’m sure there are a few of you who could deduce who it’s going to be.

Thank you all for being so patient!
That sound good with everyone?

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Lets Draw Sherlock - Alternative Fashion Styles!

Beach bum, Sherlock! I was going to draw John too but this day got a bit out of hand and I thought Sherlock stood out well enough on his own. I remember getting a request to draw both Sherlock and John on the beach and, though I haven’t gotten around to it yet, it’s all I could think about. Had to knock some of the sand out of my ears!

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Seriously. Knock that shit off. There are a couple of them that don’t even link back to me.

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